The Most Strangest Cryptocurrencies


Nowadays in the Internet you more often can see a lot of ridiculous currencies, like PutinCoin or TrumpCoin. We have compiled a list of the strangest cryptocurrencies.





The logo of Dogecoin is Japanese Shiba Inu dog that was popularized as an online meme. The meme-turned-cryptocoin is in release since December of 2013 and it reached capitalization of $60 million in next month after its release. Dogecoin had very alluring ad campaign. It was sponsoring famous persons like Olympic athletes and NASCAR drivers, that’s why it is still popular in the Internet.



KodacCoin is underlied on the KODAKOne platform designed for digital image rights management. The cryptocurrency was presented at CES in January of 2018. The camera maker company even announced a new Kodak KashMiner mining rig to go with it. Despite the fact that the company delayed its ICO on January it continued selling its tokens on May.





Venezuelan Petro

In February 2018 the government of Venezuela launched its new cryptocoin named Petro or also known as Petronomeda. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that the petro would help the oil-rich state beat the “tyranny of the dollar,” in reference to the fact that most oil is priced and traded in the US currency.





Potcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that allows consumers to buy and sell cannabis products anonymously. It was launched in January 2014 and is still popular. Besides PotCoin there are a lot of cannabis-focused cryptocurrencies including CannabisCoin, Bongger, KushCoin, and others.





The cryptocurrencies designed by dentists, for dentists. Dentacoin is a blockchain network and digital token that has purpose to help dentists and patients share data and pay for procedures. Dentacoin (DCN) is the first blockchain concept designed to help make the global dental industry more affordable.





It was launched in February 2016 and officially it is not affiliated with the president Donald J Trump. However the TrumpCoin website says that it is created to support the 45th president of the United States. Besides TrumpCoin, there are a lot of political-related cryptocurrencies floating around the web, like Ron Paul Coin or Billary Coin.



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