Important points to consider before your investment in cryptocurrencies or ICOs

Once you researched and filtered which cryptocurrencies are worth to invest in.  Here are important methodology that I used to use,  that would serve you greatly when it comes to picking your cryptocurrency or ICO. 

  1.    What kind of problems they are trying to solve ?

See  how unique the problem is or its a problem that a lot of people are facing?  And how are they trying to solve it.

2.  How are they trying to solve and are there similar coins ?

Understand how are they trying to solve the problem.  Is it really revolutionary, is the concept strong. you can understand it by reading their white paper and one pager, see their  use cases/case studies try to find videos if the technical part doesn’t make sense for you.


3. Who are their development team members, do they have strong specialised background ?

Try seeing there dev. Team members LinkedIn accounts, GitHub accounts,  how long there track records are, how specialized are they?

4. How are they funded, and organized ?

Do they have investors?  Who are there investors?how influential is there investors. There are many sources to find out all about it.  Are they self funded how big is the project to fund themselves, also if they claim highly scalable project that has big expenses on servers and development ,  then there must be something off.

5. Are they spending more resources on promotion or product development ?

Obviously, you can see from there team members if they have a big sales and communication team rather than development team.  There would be obvious problem, that there focus is promotion rather than the product.

6. Who are they competing with?  

Are there competitors big corporations, or stronger team,  and how are their approach to the competition.


7. What is their road-map and how well are they keeping it

Are they keeping their promises with the product launch and deadlines, do they have a proper roadmap or its all abstract?

8. Do they have working demo or product ?

How is the demo or product working, does it have a lot of bugs, is it user friendly, is it easy to use ?

9.How well is the product working, and compare it with the others

If there are competitors, how well are they comparing with the others, are there any other product that is  better faster,

10.What market are they targeting ?

What industry are they trying to disrupt is the market easy to penetrate, are the people in the industry literate to integrate this kind of technology ?.


11.How big is the market ?

How big is the market and how their targeting there customers ? If its a large industry is it controlled industry or does it have regulations?

12. How are they penetrating the market

Whats there strategy , how different are they from the other industry leaders or other blockchain companies.

13. What value does the coin/token give

What will you get for your ICO token? Also after investing in them how can your tokens be used, what kind of value you will get?

14. Can it be easily copied

Is the solution simple and easy to create, can it be done with other companies? in short amount of time, are there already copycats ?

15.What are the weaknesses of the coin or the service

Any vulnerability can be considered as a weakness, for example  being late on release dates, or difficulty to gain fundings, or lack of strong management team or board of advisers.

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