Exmo has been incorporated in 2014 and it’s controlled by Exmo Finance LLP. Since the start, it has served more than 920,000 people from around 200 countries. Exmo offers trading in a fairly good selection of some of the more popular cryptocurrencies for Euro, US dollars, Ukrainian hryvinas and Russian rubles. The UAH, however, can only be used for trading in Bitcoin and Ether. The other three accepted fiat currencies can be used for trading in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge Coin, Dash, Ether, Waves, Zcash, Tether, Monero, Ripple, KickCoin and Ethereum Classic. Interestingly, Exmo also offers an exchange service between USD and EUR.

EXMO.com comes in four different languages, facilitating the user experience a great deal. To be more specific, you can check out their website in English, Spanish, Russian and French. You can benefit from the services of EXMO.com upon signing up and adding your credit card or debit card.

Most of the payment methods presented at platform can guarantee a really fast transactions speed. Therefore deposits take no longer than few minutes. And so cryptocurrency deposit has a good turnaround time as well.

In order to use the platform and make deposits, users must complete a verification in the first place. Full name, date of birth are required to fill the verification form. In addition, user needs to upload a scan of ID, proof of address and a signed agreement must be uploaded as well. We think that privacy here stays much more below the average.

Exmo offers some great security features. It has a 2 Factor Authentication functionality together with anne SMS verification. Furthermore, users have an option to enable IP filter. All the traffic goes through SSL.

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