Ethereum Facts You Didn’t Know

Interesting facts about Ethereum

One million transactions in one day

At the moment, Ether has processed more than 490 million transactions, and this is a huge amount. Ethereum increased by 100 million in just seven months. Recently, the network has been growing exponentially.

To date, the smallest number of daily transactions is 1329 that was registered on August 9, 2015. On January 4, 2018, the network processed 1,349,890 transactions in one day.

One-third of Ethereum’s assets are in the hands of only 376 wallets

It turned out that a third of the assets of Ethereum is in the hands of only 376 wallets. According to Chainalysis, the influence of these whales is minimal, since they mostly hold on and don’t trade. The average order of an Ethereum millionaire on Ethereum costs 1 million US dollars. On average, this transaction causes an increase in intraday volatility of 0.1 after two days.

This volume is negligible since intraday volatility can range from 0.02 to 417 maximum.

The most expensive deal in Ethereum

In February 2019, an unknown account made a transfer in the amount of 0.1 ETH and paid 2100 ETH as a transaction fee of about $ 300,000 at the time. It seems that the poor fellow confused the commission for the transaction with the full cost.

2100 ETH fee was received by the ETH Sparkpool mining pool. Fortunately, the pool froze a huge amount of ETH and decided to wait for the sender to contact them.

In short, they found the real sender of the transaction who made the mistake of assigning this card. Both sides agreed to share the mining award, and Sparkpool returned the sender 1050 ETH.

87% of all DApps work on Ethereum

According to the Fluence Network study, the vast majority of decentralized applications (DApps) run on the Ethereum platform. 87% of applications use the ETH blockchain, 19% use EOS and 8% use Tron.

The largest share of active DApp users on the Ethereum platform is gamers. They account for more than 40% of the entire community. Ethereum games have already created a huge and loyal community of active players.

The Case of Blockchain Bandit

Have you heard the story of the hacker who stole 45,000 ETH, just guessing the secret keys? With millions of ETH addresses right now, this feat was similar to finding a particular sand grain on the beach. In fact, the hacker found 12 weak private keys that look like 0 … 001, and used them.

This is not all. Independent Security Appraisers (ISEs) discovered more than 700 wallets with weak private keys that they could access. But why create such simple keyboard shortcuts?

According to them, there are two possible explanations for why weak private keys exist. First, it is a coding failure that the software generates. Second, the holders created duplicates using the same passphrases as “ABC123”, “qwerty”, “password”, etc., or simply left them blank.

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