Cryptocurrency investors winning stories

Cryptocurrency Investors successes

Here are some of the most impressive cryptocurrency investors successes over the past years. Bitcoin – a highly volatile currency, but those who bought it long before the recent take-off, earned as much as they did not even dream.

Anonymous bitcoin millionaire

One anonymous author has published a detailed history of his cryptocurrency operations. In 2010, Bitcoin was so cheap that it was not even enough to buy one pizza. However, this did not prevent the future millionaire by the end of 2010 to accumulate a total of 12 thousand bitcoins. By April 2013, the cost of one bitcoin overcame $ 100. Due to reasons not related to cryptocurrency, the author had to sell part of his coins. A few more years passed, and now the value of its bitcoins exceeds 10 million dollars.

Despite the successful coincidence of circumstances, the author quite recently began selling cryptocurrency in small volumes in order not to attract attention. In the future, he plans to use investment strategies and does not intend to abandon normal work.

Eric Fineman

The 2nd person in the list of cryptocurrency investors is Eric Fineman. He started buying bitcoins in 2011 when he was 11. Grandma gave him $ 1,000, and his brother advised him how to spend this money. At that time, the cryptocurrency cost only $ 12. However, in 2013, Fineman sold his first bitcoins already for $ 1200. By the time he turned $ 1,000 into $ 100,000 and spent it on creating an online educational company in 2014. Fineman did not like to study in high school, and he hoped that his service would help to connect the disappointed students with the teachers. Fineman moved to Silicon Valley, made several trips and argued with his parents that if he became a millionaire by the age of 18, he would not go to college.

In January 2015, Fineman sold his company. For it, he was offered a choice of $ 100,000 or 300 bitcoins. He chose cryptocurrency and won the bet: he became a millionaire by the age of 18 and did not go to college. He says he prefers to gain real experience. Fineman is currently working on a number of projects and is working with NASA.

Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy Gardner is another person who started investing in Bitcoin at the dawn of its existence and earned a fortune on it. In 2013, Gardner received Bitcoins from one of his friends in exchange for cash. He was fascinated by the idea of ​​digital currency and liked the lack of a centralized regulatory authority. As he dived into Bitcoins, Gardner became a well-known and decisive supporter of cryptocurrencies. In addition, he actively invested in the creation and support of companies associated with Bitcoin and blockchain.

Gardner did not disclose how much he earned on investing money in Bitcoin technology but is considered a dollar millionaire. Despite his success, he understands that any rapid growth in the cost of cryptocurrency can be followed by a fall, so Gardner distributes money between various projects. This approach helps him protect his condition and allows him to earn income from many sources.

Mr. Smith (pseudonym)

Many dreams of traveling, but Mr. Smith has turned this dream into a reality thanks to Bitcoin investment. A former employee of Silicon Valley, Smith first heard about cryptocurrency in July of 2010 and after a few months bought the first coins. Looking to the future, Smith “forgot” about his investments until 2013. At that time, bitcoin quotes began to grow rapidly. In the end, the cost of cryptocurrency jumped more than 2000 times compared with the price that Smith initially paid for it. The initial investment of 3 thousand dollars turned into 25 million.

Smith still owns 1000 Bitcoins but is ready to sell them only when the value of one exceeds 150 thousand dollars.

Olaf Carlson-Wee

The 5th person in the list of cryptocurrency investors is Olaf Carlson-Wee. The 26-year-old Carlson-Wee saw the potential in Bitcoin long before the others did. In February of 2013, when Bitcoin was worth $ 20-30, Carlson-Wee started to work in the Bitcoin startup Coinbase. At that time, bitcoins were not yet included in popular culture. However, Carlson-Wee considered Bitcoin a promising project. He agreed with the employer about payment in bitcoins and began to make transactions with cryptocurrency at any opportunity. Ultimately, these decisions proved to be correct, as they made Carlson-Wee a millionaire.

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