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CoinTrack - Portfolio Tracker

In order to make the right decisions while investing in crypto you need accurate and classified information about coins you hold and even their price predictions. If you’re not a starter in this industry you should know that various exchanges and wallets are easy to track when they are in one place. Therefore, all you need is a crypto portfolio tracker like

Currently, there are many powerful tools for tracking your holdings with guaranteed anonymity and security. However, the decision of choosing one depends on specific needs and goals you have.

Let’s take a deeper look at CoinTrack which allows users to manage their crypto and Defi assets all in one. Similarly, it provides multiple charts and an easy to use interface both for professional traders and beginners.

Why is CoinTrack used for?

Firstly, CoinTrack is powered by an AI which helps to save time while tracking various coins. For instance, users can easily see predictions of crypto price trends on popular crypto markets.

Moreover, this portfolio tracker offers:

  • Real-time market data and portfolio updates
  • Notifications and Crypto price alerts
  • Security and Data privacy
  • Crypto price trends on popular crypto markets
  • Customized charts, graphs and data tools
  • Integration with various exchanges
  • Personal account manager

In addition, users will get the most accurate information about their crypto portfolio, including price changes of coins they have, transactions, analytics etc. 

Which Cryptocurrency Exchanges Supports CoinTrack?

No need to select only one exchange to create portfolio in case of using multiple exchanges. 

The tracker is integrated with the most favorite cryptocurrency exchanges, so here are some of them:

  • Bitfinex
  • Blockfolio
  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Ledger
  • FTX
  • Kraken

As a result, all exchanges are in one place – here is one more thing for secure and simple crypto tracking. 

CoinTrack Pricing

Most importantly, CoinTrack Portfolio Tracker offers to start with a free trial and then choose one of 4 pricing plans.
They are following:

Starter Pro Max Teams
. 5 Exchange connections
. 5 Wallet connections
. Up to 1000 transactions
. Portfolio update (daily)
. Unlimited exchange connections
. Unlimited wallet connections
. Up to 5000 transactions
. Portfolio updates (weekly, daily)
. Personal account manager
. 5 Alert combinations
. Wallet connections (unlimited)
. Exchange connections (unlimited)
. Transactions (unlimited)
. Portfolio updates (monthly, weekly, daily)
. Personal account manager
. Unlimited alert combinations
Special offer for a community over 15 members


To sum up, it’s difficult to know for sure when the heyday of cryptocurrency will be, so the best way to keep up with the latest updates of the crypto world is daily tracking of coins you have. 

Certainly, you can keep track of coins manually but this quickly gets out of hand. Therefore, people are more likely to use tools such as CoinTrack to manage all crypto assets from one place and make the tracking process more comfortable.

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